Yukon Hospital Foundation Spring & Summer Events Raise $18,000


Whitehorse – The Yukon Hospital Foundation is celebrating its recent success with two signature fundraising events that brought in more that $18,000 in local support. 

The Dine-Out Whitehorse Event took place in Whitehorse the last week in April, with 11 local restaurants and food establishments participating in a variety of ways. Each business contributed something different, either by donating special menus items, a percentage of their weekly sales, or hosting a special beverage or food item in support of the Yukon Hospital Foundation.

“This was a very unique event for Whitehorse having never been done in the past. It was fun to engage various restaurants, invite them to participate in their own way, yet support a great cause,” explained Harmony Hunter, the event organizer.

The second event was Storage Wars which took place on June 8 at Titanium Storage. A spoof on the TV hit show, Storage Wars Whitehorse involved 6 storage containers packed with new and used items.

“Just like on TV, the auctioneer stood by as the lock was sawed off, and the door was opened to reveal what was inside, much to the surprise of those in attendance. Contents of the container were viewed for 5 minutes before the auction began” stated Krista Prochazka, the Yukon Hospital Foundation President. “It was so much fun to watch the crowd, especially when we opened the container with a local personality lounging on a couch reading a newspaper”.

Mayor Dan Curtis volunteered to do 4 hours of manual labour, and what better way to auction him off than in a fundraiser like Storage Wars. He came with a container full of furniture.

The Yukon Hospital Foundation would like to thank everyone for their support of these two events and hopes to host them again next year.