Yukon Hospital Foundation Launches New Fundraising Campaign


Whitehorse, Yukon – The Yukon Hospital Foundation is embarking on a new three- year fundraising campaign to purchase a Magnetic Resonance Imaging – or MRI – machine for Whitehorse General Hospital.

The Foundation will raise $2 million over the next three years to purchase this state-of- the-art diagnostic equipment, giving Yukon residents among the shortest wait times for an MRI scan in the country.

“Thanks to the support of our donors, partners and volunteers, in three short years our hospital will be the first Canadian facility north of 60 with an MRI machine,” said Yukon Hospital Foundation Chair Keith Byram.

The benefits of an MRI to patients and medical staff are significant and include reduced wait times, a reduction in the costs and stress associated with traveling outside for care and increased opportunities for the recruitment of medical and support staff.

At present, approximately 500 Yukon patients are sent out to urban centres each year for an MRI scan and face an average wait time of six months for a non-critical MRI.

“The Yukon Hospital Foundation is proud to work with the community on this groundbreaking MRI Campaign,” said Yukon Hospital Foundation President Scott Kent. “We are so privileged as 100 per cent of individual donations by Yukon residents go directly to the purchase of the MRI and do not support any of our administrative costs.”

The Yukon Hospital Foundation was established in 2005 to raise funds to purchase diagnostic equipment for Whitehorse General Hospital.

Purchases to date include heart monitoring, operating room and digital imaging equipment and a 128-slice CT scanner – one of only a handful in Canada.

For more information please contact:

Scott Kent
Yukon Hospital Foundation 867.393.8930