Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am 2018


Skookum Asphalt is proud to present the 9th Annual Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am in support of the Yukon Hospital Foundation. Please join us for a round of golf and the opportunity to raise funds for a great cause!

Since 2010, thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors and players, the Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am has raised more than $500,000! These funds have helped to purchase numerous pieces of life-saving equipment, including cardiac monitoring equipment, operating room upgrades; a 128 slice CT scanner, the first MRI north of 60 and a state of the art fluoroscopy.

The Foundation has embarked on a 2-year campaign to raise $1 million for the creation of a Yukon Medical Simulation Centre. In less than 2 years, the Yukon will have the first medical simulation centre in the north. The value of simulation is to provide a safe learning environment where clinicians can practice and rehearse high-risk clinical scenarios as many times as needed to perfect their skills. Simulation can benefit the individual learner, the multidisciplinary team, and the hospital as a whole by increasing patient safety.

Our Yukon Medical Simulation Centre will be equipped with life-like mannequins that are controlled by computers and can simulate conditions and responses of the human body for training purposes. The mannequins are able to breath, blink, cough, sneeze, hiccup and speak. The mannequins have measurable blood pressures, pulses and oxygen levels that can change with the scenario being demonstrated.
Your healthcare team and first responders will get the chance to practise their responses to high-pressure medical scenarios in a state-of-the-art lab. Training for scenarios that happen here, in the Yukon, like frostbite and hypothermia treatment, an early childbirth in a rural community and worksite or mining accidents. The Simulation Centre will allow emergency teams to train together, to be prepared together.

The Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am is Yukon’s premier golf tournament, pairing CPGA Professionals with teams of three amateurs for a wonderful day of golf, fun and entertainment. The tournament is Texas Scramble format for amateurs, followed by a celebratory banquet, including dinner, live music, dancing, auctions and team prizes.

Thank you so much for your support.