Keystone of Life Foundation Donates $9702 to Surgical Day Care


July 3, 2014: The Keystone of Life Foundation recently delivered a $9,702 donation to the Yukon Hospital Foundation for the purchase of three recliner chairs for Whitehorse General Hospital’s Surgical Day Care Unit. This unit supports patients receiving day surgery, as well as those who require treatments like medical IVs and blood transfusions. Prior to the receipt of these recliner chairs all patients in this Unit were cared for on stretchers. These recliner chairs not only improve care by allowing patients, particularly those receiving lengthy treatments, to be more comfortable, they would also free up stretchers for those patients who require that level of care.

The Keystone of Life Foundation is a charitable Society initiated by the Royal Arch Masons in 1975 and continues to enjoy the support and patronage of BC & Yukon Royal Arch Masonry. The KLF seeks to support healthcare facilities, particularly in outlying communities that have limited access to resources. Over $500,000 of grants have been awarded since the inception of KLF.

Members of Royal Arch Yukon Chapter #38 have been instrumental in securing this KLF grant for Whitehorse General Hospital.

Tony Brown, Director of the Keystone of Life Foundation, explained “Funds are possible thanks to kind donations and legacy gifts from our membership, but the public is also able to support our goals. I am sure that the recliners will be put to very good use at the Hospital and KLF is pleased to play a small part in its community service.” To learn more about the work of Keystone of Life Foundation and how to join the Royal Arch Masons of BC & the Yukon visit and

Established in 2005, the Yukon Hospital Foundation works under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors to raise funds for equipment and programs for the Yukon Hospital Corporation. Purchases to date include heart monitoring, pediatric, operating room and digital imaging equipment including the 128-slice CT scanner for the Whitehorse General Hospital. The Foundation will be purchasing a magnetic resonance machine, or MRI, later this year. The Yukon Hospital Foundation supports the First Nations Health Program, the P.A.R.T.Y. Program, as well as the Watson Lake and Dawson City Community Hospitals.