MRI Campaign

Fluoroscopy Machine Campaign

A Fluoroscopy Machine is a full-motion video X-ray. This non-invasive diagnostic tool is used to safely and quickly see moving parts inside your body and is considered a key exam within a modern, state-of-the-art health care centre.

Whitehorse General Hospital is Yukon’s primary imaging centre and home to the territory’s only fluoroscopy machine. About 400 fluoroscopy and 20,000 X-ray exams are performed here each year.

Fluoroscopy technology has advanced rapidly and our current machine has reached its “end of support”. Your contribution to the Yukon Hospital Foundation will help purchase this new, critical diagnostic tool. The new machine uses a lower dose radiation and is fully digital. This will ensure our health teams can continue to provide safer care and a quicker diagnosis and treatment for all Yukoners.

This is a significant investment of nearly $1 million. The Yukon Hospital Foundation goal is to contribute more than half of this amount over the next 2 years to ensure that Yukoners have access to the most advanced technology.

You have been able to make a big difference in the health and well-being of thousands of Yukoners by helping to bring the best health care right here, close to home.

Please help us reach our goal.